Sunday, January 3, 2016

Year Ender Part 1

Yeah yeah I have been absent for a month. I could enumerate all my excuses but I will be straight to the point. I was just not in the mood #firstworldproblems huh. I was under pressure that I needed to have blog posts and outfits photos on Instagram. I just didn't feel like it anymore, I wanted to have a life besides obsessing with what the current trend is or what style of shoes are out in the market. There is so much more to life than this,I love fashion and I forever will, maybe I just wanted to try something different, I wanted to relax since most of my goals for the year I have accomplished (I am a US citizen now). I knew I needed a break. We (hubby and I) considered going back to Europe and agreed to wait until I get my passport (I have it already yaaay) so we didnt have to deal with visa forms again.  

Every year we travel with my in laws because we enjoy doing activities with them and we would like to do as many as possible while they still can. (They are in their 70's). When the decision was made that we will do a trip within the US we narrowed down our choices. Everything was planned ahead of time, I was nervous for this one because I am not an outdoorsy type of person, Id rather be at the mall or be at home chatting with my friends online from back home. I hate being outdoors because I get either too cold easily or too hot. I deal with motion sickness too and have issues with being claustrophobic, its a lot to take when we travel but I do not want to be just stuck at home when everyone is traveling, very lucky that we can afford to take trips like this so I said yes to everything! EVEN THE HELICOPTER RIDE
 When we do trips I let my husband decide since he knows better, we try to balance it with what he wants to do and what I want to see. Our first stop was Arizona and I did not expect to fall in love with the place. I have been to places that is somehow similar like Pennsylvania but its so different too in many ways, hard to explain. We chose a late flight because of our schedule with work,arrived in Vegas around midnight, the line at the car rental place was insane, we were so exhausted and had another 4 hour drive to Grand Canyon, we knew it was going to be cold but we did not know that we will be driving through snow (blizzard like lol). Around 6 in the morning we were all checked in. Of course we could not sleep because of the time difference and our helicopter tour was scheduled that day around 2.We were up again around 10, got ready to start our day, the tour was cancelled because of the weather, we were so sad because we came to Grand Canyon for that and if the next day we cant do it, our drive would not make any sense. We then went to the park after lunch to see the view if in case we cant do the tour the following day. It was majestic!It was so calming! I was freezing but it was all worth it. After a few hours of checking the scenes we went back to the hotel,had dinner and rested. 

The next day it was bright,sun is out and we were all excited because we knew that the tour will push through. The airport was 5 minutes away. I was nervous as heck I was wearing my motion sickness band. We were there 11:30 after our breakfast at Mcdonalds which btw was freaking expensive. We were weighed,watched a safety video,given life vests and off we went up above! I was smiling the whole time being nervous was replaced by excitement. It literally felt like I was floating. 
It was an amazing experience, even better when I get designer pieces then I get over it after a few days, this one is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope you can try this one day too, what's next now? Sky diving?

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