Thursday, November 19, 2015

Beauty: New in

I have done a lot of experimenting when it comes to skincare ever since I moved here in the States. It was easier when I was in the Philippines because I was familiar which brands worked for me. 
Im happy with my current skincare routine but every time I see products being raved about on YouTube I end up buying what they talk about in the hopes to get good results too. 
Here are a few that I picked this month

Simple Soothing Facial Toner
This toner is difficult to find in stores. I am on my second bottle and I used to get it at Target. I searched everywhere for this and got lucky to find it at CVS after using a store locator to check which ones have them in stock. Order it online if you want to try it. Perfect for those with sensitive skin because it is alcohol free and it is super gentle. I even use it to remove my mascara. $7

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
Almost all of the beauty gurus talk about this and I started to wonder what was so special about it.  I have purchased other products in the same price range before so it was not that difficult for me anymore to pay $100 (I used to cringe) as long as it will help my skin look radiant and healthier. Here I am on my third week of using it and I still have not noticed anything magical and I am quite disappointed. I do not know if I am using it wrong but I use it after cleansing and toning then I  moisturize afterwards. For a product this expensive I was hoping that at least after a week I will see a difference. The scent turns me off too because it smells like laundry that has not completely dried. I might end up returning this since I do not see the point of adding this in my routine.

MAC Prep+Prime Fix +
I do not have a lot of MAC products except for lipsticks because when I first tried this brand and bought their foundation I broke out since then I stopped buying. At one point I was looking for setting sprays and I kept hearing how good this was. I have been using the one from Urban Decay for about a year then I switched to this because it helps fix my foundation especially when I have applied too much. It can be used both as a primer and as a setting spray. I love it so much because it did not give me any allergic reactions I even have the travel size. $22/$10

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