Monday, June 1, 2015

Travel: Philippines

Hello lovelies.  How are you all doing?
It's the second week of my vacation here in the Philippines. I want to update you what's going on and all that stuff.  I over packed so I ended leaving my laptop. My luggage was full of pasalubong, I had to remove several heavy things.  I pre recorded videos for my You Tube channel hoping that I can use them as fillers while I'm on vacay. I will upload them as soon as I get back.  I have a haul,  a product review and a what's in my travel bag. 
Since I arrived I have been binge eating not gonna lie. Nothing beats authentic Asian food.  I really wish I can stay longer.  I'm trying to stretch the next two weeks. It's almost over (sigh) but I'm really glad to see friends and my family.  I consider myself lucky that I am able to visit them at least once a year. 
I will have another post about this trip with photos.  For now that's it.  Happy June everyone!

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