Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Personal: Some me time

Besides rewarding myself with shopping sprees when I have accomplished a goal I also enjoy going to the spa to get a massage. 

The Red Door Spa is 15 minutes away from home so I decided to get a 50 minute massage. I usually hesitate spending $100 on a massage since they are inexpensive in Asia but I don't mind paying the price at all if the experience will be great and if service is good. 

As you enter you will see the hair and nail salon, you will then be greeted at the receiving area. The host will lead you to the locker room. Everything is well kept, clean and spacious. After changing to your robe you will be asked to fill out a form and the massage therapist will call you once the room is ready. I drank lemon water while waiting. I was finally called by my massage therapist. I was asked what kind of oil I want it was nice to hear there was unscented. not a big fan of I just got a massage smell. The bed had heat which made the experience more relaxing since half the time I am cold while getting a massage. I had a great time and this is by far my favorite spa. I will be checking out more spas in the coming month and this was a great start! 

I took several photos unfortunately I accidentally deleted them, waiting for hubby to get home hopefully he can recover them so for now I will be posting the one from my phone. 

(Forgive my selfie)

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