Sunday, February 15, 2015

Personal: Valentine's Day

Hubby was so busy the entire week I did not even expect that he will find time getting me presents nor get a chance to celebrate it together. I barely saw him this week as I was busy getting ready for my supposedly NY trip and a styling gig.

Was not even sure if I was going to be around since I had plans of flying to NY for Fashion Week either Feb 13 and 14 / Feb 17 and 18 but plans changed. My outfits were all ready but the weather just turned me off. It is exciting to dress, layer, see all the amazing shows but I am afraid the same thing will happen to me just like last season when I got stuck there my flight was cancelled three times, it was not so bad since I was traveling with my mother in law. This time though I was planning to go alone. Up to now I am still debating whether I should go or not, hubby of course was a little upset for not buying my ticket sooner. I have attended the past two seasons and it has nothing but fun! This season would have been extra special because I had backstage passes, me being a behind the scenes person I love seeing where the magic happens. 

I really wish they will move the dates, there is always a blizzard during Fall Fashion Week.

How about early March? 

How was your Valentine's Day?

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