Monday, February 9, 2015

Travel: Washington D.C

Hi lovelies.

The Blogger app which I find very handy in my older phone does not work for my new HTC Desire this is why Im left behind with blog posts. I tried several times but it seems bugged. Im now trying to use my Ipad for future posts since I prefer not to carry my laptop around.

I was in Washington for 3 days, renewed my passport since we do not have a Philippine embassy here in Miami which is strange. Looked into the embassy in Atlanta but they do not offer services for passport renewal. Did this very last minute and totally regret since I have travel plans in the next months, I could have done it when I visited Chicago for Christmas but I was so out of it.I planned of doing it in New York next week since I will be there anyway for Fashion Week but it seemed to be more convenient to do it in DC. They accept return envelope whereas in NY they prefer if you pick up your passport. Also found out it takes 8 to 10 weeks before I get it back. When I arrived at the embassy it was posted that it takes three months, so yes good luck to me if I will get this in time for my next out of the country trip. It has been crazy lately for work and styling gigs before flying to DC I was also busy doing pull out for a mall event this coming Thursday.

Since I was alone for this trip I was not able to take outfit photos only selfies and a few snaps of the places I visited. It is a lovely city, even though trees were dead and was mostly gray I still enjoyed learning more about American History. Cant wait to see Cherry Blossoms for my next visit.

Things to consider when visiting DC:

1. Location of your hotel. As much as I wanted to take the Metro it was difficult for me to walk several blocks especially because of the cold weather that is why I took cabs mostly. It was really nice that there were guided bus tours (Big Bus Tours), learned a lot just by listening to trivia while waiting for my next stop, they provided headsets. Staff were very friendly too. For one day's worth of touring the city I paid $48. Inexpensive versus paying cab rides which cost me usually $20 per trip depending how far Im going. (This is Raegan Airport to my hotel in Rhode Island)

2. Wear sneakers because you will do a lot of walking. There is a lot to see so be prepared for sore feet if you do not wear comfy shoes.

3. Not a lot of shopping areas. Im Asian and Im used to seeing several malls in a tourist area. There were a few that I visited like Georgetown and Pentagon City which carry several brands like Mac, Sephora and Banana Republic.

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