Sunday, February 15, 2015

Personal: Valentine's Day

Hubby was so busy the entire week I did not even expect that he will find time getting me presents nor get a chance to celebrate it together. I barely saw him this week as I was busy getting ready for my supposedly NY trip and a styling gig.

Was not even sure if I was going to be around since I had plans of flying to NY for Fashion Week either Feb 13 and 14 / Feb 17 and 18 but plans changed. My outfits were all ready but the weather just turned me off. It is exciting to dress, layer, see all the amazing shows but I am afraid the same thing will happen to me just like last season when I got stuck there my flight was cancelled three times, it was not so bad since I was traveling with my mother in law. This time though I was planning to go alone. Up to now I am still debating whether I should go or not, hubby of course was a little upset for not buying my ticket sooner. I have attended the past two seasons and it has nothing but fun! This season would have been extra special because I had backstage passes, me being a behind the scenes person I love seeing where the magic happens. 

I really wish they will move the dates, there is always a blizzard during Fall Fashion Week.

How about early March? 

How was your Valentine's Day?

Outfits: #ootw

Yeah sure we all dream of having a closet full of designer pieces, in reality though only 1% of the population can afford this. Style to me does not really have a price tag. I have said this a million times to my friends that it is how you style your pieces.Do not get intimidated by social media. Confidence is they key. I remember having a conversation with a co blogger when she complimented my style,told me that with me she can never tell if I am wearing an all designer outfit, I always surprise people when I pair a Forever 21 with Chanel espadrilles. Stay true to your style no matter what.

Top & Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Forever 21
Purse: Celine Large Trio
Top & Joggers: Forever 21
Sneakers: New Balance
Sunglasses: Oakley
Watch: Technomarine

Left Outfit
Top: Diesel
Pants: American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes: Aldo
Purse: Michael Kors
Right Outfit
Top: H&M
Joggers: American Eagle Outfitters
Sneakers: Nike
Belt Bag: Dolce & Gabana
Dress: Cotton On
Purse: H&M
Shoes: Aldo

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fashion: $100 Style Challenge

This year I promised myself to reach out to more people. I have been thinking about this new segment for my blog for about a year now and I kept postponing it. I was not quite sure how to do it since my concept was to make a random stranger happy (which can sound creepy) if you were that stranger being approached.

Yesterday I just decided to just do it since I thought it would be perfect for Valentine's Day. I wanted someone to feel special by styling and choosing outfits for this random person and pay for the chosen outfits. I was in the mall for about two to three hours just trying to see how to approach the situation and figure out a way how to sound less creepy. I was nervous and at the same time excited for the person I will pick. I was about to give up on the third hour, I have seen several people but I wanted someone who was alone and someone who looked like they needed help. After getting Starbucks I came across the same person that I have seen almost three times in different stores, decided to finally approached. She (Kimberly) told me she was so glad that I met her since it was "pretty obvious she did not know what she was doing" to quote her. She was looking for an outfit for an event that she will be attending that night. She picked 5 dresses. She tried them and I gave her my opinion about each of the item. To complete the look I told her we can start choosing shoes and accessories, she then asked if it was okay with me if she looked for another outfit skip the shoes and accessories since she already has shoes and accessories in mind for the dress. We then picked a romper and new sunglasses(she sat on her old ones). Mission accomplished. It was an amazing experience, best feeling when someone thanks you and you can tell how much they appreciate.

You are probably wondering why Im doing this? I just want to make a difference in my own little way, starting small and hopefully eventually it will open doors and will be possible to help more people.
Im not a writer my blog is mainly my journal and this is how I keep track of my progress, it will be nice to look back at some point in my life that I was able to make a stranger happy,takes so much courage to do it. I have dedicated myself to do this at least once a month. Styling is one of the things I am really passionate about, I love it when people ask for my advice,this is my way of giving back.

I am more than blessed. Excited for my next stranger. (BTW, it turns out we know somebody in common, small world)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Travel: Washington D.C

Hi lovelies.

The Blogger app which I find very handy in my older phone does not work for my new HTC Desire this is why Im left behind with blog posts. I tried several times but it seems bugged. Im now trying to use my Ipad for future posts since I prefer not to carry my laptop around.

I was in Washington for 3 days, renewed my passport since we do not have a Philippine embassy here in Miami which is strange. Looked into the embassy in Atlanta but they do not offer services for passport renewal. Did this very last minute and totally regret since I have travel plans in the next months, I could have done it when I visited Chicago for Christmas but I was so out of it.I planned of doing it in New York next week since I will be there anyway for Fashion Week but it seemed to be more convenient to do it in DC. They accept return envelope whereas in NY they prefer if you pick up your passport. Also found out it takes 8 to 10 weeks before I get it back. When I arrived at the embassy it was posted that it takes three months, so yes good luck to me if I will get this in time for my next out of the country trip. It has been crazy lately for work and styling gigs before flying to DC I was also busy doing pull out for a mall event this coming Thursday.

Since I was alone for this trip I was not able to take outfit photos only selfies and a few snaps of the places I visited. It is a lovely city, even though trees were dead and was mostly gray I still enjoyed learning more about American History. Cant wait to see Cherry Blossoms for my next visit.

Things to consider when visiting DC:

1. Location of your hotel. As much as I wanted to take the Metro it was difficult for me to walk several blocks especially because of the cold weather that is why I took cabs mostly. It was really nice that there were guided bus tours (Big Bus Tours), learned a lot just by listening to trivia while waiting for my next stop, they provided headsets. Staff were very friendly too. For one day's worth of touring the city I paid $48. Inexpensive versus paying cab rides which cost me usually $20 per trip depending how far Im going. (This is Raegan Airport to my hotel in Rhode Island)

2. Wear sneakers because you will do a lot of walking. There is a lot to see so be prepared for sore feet if you do not wear comfy shoes.

3. Not a lot of shopping areas. Im Asian and Im used to seeing several malls in a tourist area. There were a few that I visited like Georgetown and Pentagon City which carry several brands like Mac, Sephora and Banana Republic.