Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Busy week

December is usually the busiest month for me that's why I'm so behind with blog posts. (I got sick too). Need to finish my Christmas shopping!
Here are my outfits for this week
Black and white will always be my to go to outfit. The pants are from H&M which has thicker material. I was able to finally wear my tweed skirt since the weather got cooler. The burgundy lace top from Forever 21 is such a statement piece. I got tons of questions where I got it and compliments too when I wore it. You can tell that I've been loving burgundy in general since my New Balance sneakers and pleather skirt are both in that color. The black jumpsuit from Kenneth Cole was the perfect outfit especially when you add some color. I wanted to add some red but didn't really have anything that would go with it so I decided to use blue instead.  I live in white tee and jeans during the weekends. They are so easy to wear. Talk about comfortable. 

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