Sunday, November 16, 2014

When you are 30

After my birthday celebration I was able to reflect on the life lessons I learned in the past years so I thought of sharing it here in this post.

*Family comes first,ALWAYS! I remember those times when all I wanted to do was to be with friends,those sleepovers. When we are young we tend to spend more time with friends ignore our parents/family and have our own lives. Now that I live alone not technically since I live with my husband and have my inlaws around (but yes Im away from my family) I have realized how much I miss them. My mom is the sweetest, the coolest too I should say. She's been there through the good and bad,had my back when I felt like giving up, always available when everyone seemed busy. So yeah if you  live with your mom right now, cherish that. My brother on the other hand is growing too fast next thing hé is engaged. Time flies oh boy.

*Success comes in different forms. I was always taught (and expected) to excel, have good grades and parents say you will land à good job, to them that meant you are successful. Years passéd and I had my own définition of it.  Who doesnt want à good career? Who doesnt want à six figure paying job? Some choose to have à family, raise kids not have à career but are still happy. The same goes for me. Whatever aspect of my life that gives me a sense of happiness and fulfillment is considered success to me. Be it adjusting to à new country or simply just being able to let go of bad habits.
I have lowered my standards, I do not need other people telling me what success is. There is so much pressure in our society but at the end of the day it is what makes you happy that matters.

*Not everyone you meet will stay. Even I had to move to à different country, as much as I miss my friends back home this is something that is uncontrollable. People move on with their lives, some people will keep in touch some will go. Dont take it too personal.

*Savings is worth having than a Chanel purse. Sûre we all lust over designer pieces but at this point in time I would rather save on retirement, à new house or new car or just put my money in my savings account besides there will always be something on my wishlist. I just want to be more practical. Im practicing going back to basics. When I look in my closet I just realize how much money I have wasted on clothes and other material things which in reality wont pay the hospital bills if I get sick.

*Love yourself. I have learned this the hard way, I used to go out of my way, exerted too much effort for a person forgetting my own needs. I would end up disappointed and hurt. Now, I prioritize myself. No matter how busy I am I make sure to have my "me" time. I take care of myself by eating healthier food,exercise. Pamper myself with massages or just buy my favorite Starbucks drink.

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