Friday, November 7, 2014

Alexander Wang H&M

I have never gone shopping this early except for Black Friday. I dont do this for iPhone launches either but when its à désigner I like I go all out (obviously)

With 2 hours of sleep before this whole shopping spree it was difficult to concentrate thankfully the Starbucks inside the mall opened early too so was able to get my Caramel Macchaito.

Aventura Mall was the closest mall to me that had H&M, security was pretty tight, they had à good number of people for the event. H&M staff were all helpful and nice too. I shared the pieces I got on my YouTube too if you want to see. (waiting for it to upload as I write this).

The event started on time, in groups of 30 people you are allowed to shop for only 15 mins, 2 garments only per style per customer (they are aware of ebay resellers lol). You can try everything at the fitting room, they will get the sizes for you too but you are not allowed to ask for a different style, you have to be in the line again to get more designs if you wish to. You can also return purchases after 7 days with full refund. After that, everything will only be store credit.

The quality of the items are of good quality. (Made in China & Portugal)
Nothing was over priced. Im happy with everything that I got. Cant wait to style the pieces!
Great job, Alexander Wang and his team!

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