Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Current Faves

I have à weird obsession of trying different skincare, always in hunt for the next best skincare regimen or beauty product. Thats how I was able to get to Sephora VIB Rouge in one year. I share my honest opinion because I know the struggle of finding the right product. When I first moved here in the US I was clueless, relied on reading product reviews online or watched countless YouTube reviews yet its different once you have actually tried the product. So here I am putting more dedication in posting more reviews.

I have used tons of products but haven't really done much reviews. So expect more articles about beauty. I will post everything that will be newly purchased,share with you whether they are worth buying or not.

Products shown:

1.Avene thermal spray

It reminds me so much of the Evian spray that I purchased years ago which I used for keeping my feel refreshed after doing yoga. This one I purchased in Rome, heard about it but difficult to find in the US so never got the chance to try it. When I first sprayed it to my face it helped calm my skin (redness due to acné), it also helped with keeping my skin hydrated during our long flight. Now its part of my routine. I use it before and after make up. Around $18 for 150ml

2. NARS Radiant Créamy Concealear

Shade I am using is called Ginger. The consistency is créamy which helps avoid having creases once applied which is usually my problem when I use concelear for my dark circles. Im so glad to find out about this. I have use various brands from Chanel, Dior to Maybelline and this seems to be the best I have ever tried. $28

3. Aesop Chamomille Mask
I found out about Aesop products through Instagram, I saw fashion bloggers rave about this. I tried looking for an actual store in Miami but didnt seem to have one so when my friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday I asked her if she could get this for me. She ordered it online for me. After the first application I fell inlove! The smell is so relaxing! I leave it on my skin for ten minutes, instantly after washing you feel the skin very soft and radiant. During the days I break out I use this as a spot treatment. This is something I would repurchase over and over again! $50

4. Vaseline Creme Brulee
What is not to like? This is very moisturizing. I apply it at night before bed and I wake up with soft kissable lips. $4 not sure about the price

5. Rimmel Lipsticks
I just wanted to add this here because I love their lipsticks. They dont dry my lips plus there are so many great colors.

Currently loving: 104 $7

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Glad you loved the Aesop!!! <3 love you!