Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vacay mood

All my bags are packed, ready for Monday's trip! If you watch me on YouTube you already have an idea where Im heading in the next days. Here are a few of the things Im bringing with me.

Hand cream is a must have, hate having dry hands, Loccitane is my trusted brand.

My Jcrew necklace to add some spice to plain outfits.

Comfy shoes since we will be doing a lot of walking. These are the All Saints boots that I purchased last year feel badly that I only wore it once to NYFW. Time to bring them out of the closet once again.

I bring a magazine with me to keep me side tracked and not be too bored especially on long flights. I find it difficult to doze off, from crying children to people who constantly use the lavatory how could one fall asleep lol, despite this Im still thankful and super excited!

I will make sure to take a lot of photos. I usually get overwhelmed thats why I tend to forget. I will take video blogs too!

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