Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fashion for a cause

Every October I make sure that I make time to be à part of Cancer awareness campaigns. Both my mom and mother in law are cancer survivors this is why events like these are very close to my heart.
I was given the chance once again (my second year of participating) to be à part of the styling team for this year's Juice Foundation Fashion for a cause event, I met so many beautiful kids with inspiring stories.
Their smiles and excitement to walk with the Miami Heat players during the show was the highlight of the night.
Goodies, food, even arcade games were also provided for the kiddos. Not to forget, à photo booth for the young at heart

Thursday, October 23, 2014

London sightsee

This recent trip is very special to me since its been à while since I have traveled with my husband overseas, I usually end up going by myself or my mother in law because of schedule conflict with work.
Traveling is the time wherein I reflect and makes me appreciate life even more.
London was on top of our list, prepared that we will spend quite à bit of money since everything is twice as expensive compared with US, it was all worth it in the end!
Things you need to know when you are visiting:
1. Maps are helpful, pretty much standard for tourists but its better to plan ahead of time where you want to go since there is so much to see.
2. Bundle up! Im from South Florida and the Philippines so yeah Im used to the humid weather. Bring your umbrella, October is rainy season in London.
3. Buy à sim with data, our wifi connection in the hotel was not good, so if you want to keep connected with social media make sure to buy one.
4. Try their food court, unlike here in the US Im not crazy over it since they offer so so meals. In the UK they had à great sélection of cuisine and I enjoyed most of my order.
5. Take the train. From the airport we took à cab and yeah we paid $200 for that ride, we were exhausted too from all the plane ride, 15 hours in total including wait time and connecting flight so à cab ride was needed. For the rest of the trip we took the train.
6. Marks&Spencer,Selfridges and Primark were my fave places for shopping. Too bad I was not able to see Harrods.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Inspiration

When I feel like giving up and when there is so much going on in my head, I read quotes online,this is today's favorite.

I love taking challenges, Im known for being a survivor, also as a risk taker. Its the best way to learn, Im really not afraid to make mistakes because its part of the journey.

Hopefully this lifts up your spirit too! Let's do this!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sweet treat

My body clock is still on Paris time, slept for about three hours,emptying my suitcase as I write this post and decided Im doing à giveaway for my Instagram followers. The goodies I got were all purchased during the trip with my own money (not à sponsored one). Feel like October is the perfect month to giveaway treats! Hope youll enjoy the goodies!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On the go

For the past days we have been traveling non stop thats why I have not updated my blog. Couldnt get any luck with our wifi in the hotel either. Luckily now at the airport (Paris) I have good connection so Im taking advantage of it before we head to Rome. I will write a more detailed post when Im back in the US. For now here are some photos.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vacay mood

All my bags are packed, ready for Monday's trip! If you watch me on YouTube you already have an idea where Im heading in the next days. Here are a few of the things Im bringing with me.

Hand cream is a must have, hate having dry hands, Loccitane is my trusted brand.

My Jcrew necklace to add some spice to plain outfits.

Comfy shoes since we will be doing a lot of walking. These are the All Saints boots that I purchased last year feel badly that I only wore it once to NYFW. Time to bring them out of the closet once again.

I bring a magazine with me to keep me side tracked and not be too bored especially on long flights. I find it difficult to doze off, from crying children to people who constantly use the lavatory how could one fall asleep lol, despite this Im still thankful and super excited!

I will make sure to take a lot of photos. I usually get overwhelmed thats why I tend to forget. I will take video blogs too!