Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sorting Out

As much as I love browsing Muji's website for acrylic drawers I prefer shopping in stores so I have a feel of how they look in person so went for these drawers from Marshalls for now.
Way cheaper too.
How I organized
1. Checked which mascaras should go. I buy a lot (curious to try various brands) and sometimes I lose track and forget I even have them. So I put a sticker label and do a color code to remind me which I need to get did of red for newer purchase and blue for the older ones. I label it too with the date of purchase. I do this for all of my makeup.
2. First drawer is the stuff that I use more often. Mix of all sorts of makeup. From primer to lip liner.
3. Next drawers vary from blushes to compact powder. I arrange them by shade.
I obviously need more storage space but Im keeping it simple for now and sticking to the basics.

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