Sunday, August 3, 2014

Two years in the US

Confused, excited and super nervous. Mixed emotions when I was at the airport in the Philippines waiting to get on the plane for my flight to the US. I didn't know anybody. Leaving everyone at home and starting from scratch was overkill but I kept being positive and hopeful that everything will be okay.
Crying almost every night since I miss everyone.
Time went by so fast that today it's already been two years. Thankful for all the opportunities given to me. Still amazed how I was able to do a lot of things in the span of two years. Everything is just possible! I've learned to live my dreams here.
If you just moved from a new country, have faith. You are at the right place, for the right reasons, you may mot understand it now, but you will be thankful after you see the twist of fate. It will change your life!
My tips:
1. Learn and explore about your new place.
2. Get a license. Makes so much difference. It's easier to get to places. I have no access to trains here (at least near of house) and crazy long walk if I take a bus. Taxis are expensive!
3. Network, meet people. Make friends. Don't be afraid to ask for help. The right people will help, be thankful to them. There will be others who will ignore and even gossip about you when you try to ask for help (ignore them, avoid them, and learn that you don't want to be this kind of person). Some people are just like this, they don't want you to better than them so dont waste your time and move forward.
4. Enjoy the journey. If you get lucky, you will get your dream job right away. If not, savor each learning moment. These are building blocks. A good solid foundation you need when you snag you dream job.
5. Its okay to make mistakes. It's a sign you are doing your best and that you are trying. You cannot quit. You will get rejected several times.
If you have anymore questions, leave a comment, I will be glad to help.

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