Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MBFW: Swim Week Miami

This is my first year to attend Swim Week. (although I've been to the shows in NY) I have to say I do regret submitting my credentials late (hectic schedule). Most of the shows were full by the time I got mine approved. Although I'm beyond happy to be given the chance to see backstage for several of the shows.
(Thank You Zoya Nail Polish)

I've always been a behind the scenes person. Either working as a dresser, as a stylist or as an assitant stylist. This was just a dream come true!

Backstage shows teamwork. I love seeing people work together, putting their best to give the audience a great show. Hopefully the photos I've taken will give you a take of how it's like to be in Swim Week. I will be posting them in the next days. Behind the scenes and my fave pieces.
All the sweating was super worth it. (Not to forget the crazy weather, the next thing you know it's raining hard) Uhmm yeah welcome to Miami.

For now I'm just chilling by the pool, hoping for a relaxing massage next to it.

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