Tuesday, July 29, 2014

American Eagle Feature

My phone battery was low and as I was checking my phone,I got a tagged photo from American Eagle, to my surprise they featured one of the outfits I was wearing for Swim Week. It's a really nice experience when a brand appreciates the way you style their pieces. All the sweating during that week paid off with this. Thank you again, American Eagle.
It was sort of a strange experience as well to be judged by some of their followers. (We can't please everyone). I've always been raised to be polite and if I have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself or basically just shut up lol! People were commenting how skinny I was, how young I looked(that's a compliment) some were saying I looked 12 lol! I wanted to pin point that if you are in the same situation as I am, if people are judging how you look, ignore them, half the time the ones who say mean things are the ones who have self issues. Just be yourself, as long as you are happy and healthy that is what matters. No one can ever dicatate anything to you. It's your life.
Regardless there were 11,000 plus likes in my photo and I'm more than honored to be featured.

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