Monday, June 2, 2014

Where at: H&M Miami International Mall

I was pretty excited when I woke up this morning because I get to hang out with the blogger babes and get the chance to see H&M's newest store location. H&M is my to go to store because its one of the few places where clothes can actually fit me!
I arrived at the venue around 9 and we were welcomed by a delicious breakfast. Did a lot of chit chatting with the girls then started shopping! In the end I got 2 pairs of printed pants, purse, a blazer and a lace skirt. You will see them in my next outfit posts. The store had a wide selection of clothes for kiddos too! It was such a fun experience! Thank You H&M.


Lynnette Joselly said...

hey thats me! lol cute picture! :)

Unknown said...

yes thats you. very pretty! i can send you if you want a copy lol. i just noticed your comment now.