Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Atlanta, Georgia for the weekend

This weekend getaway was much needed since I wanted to spend more time with hubby. We've been apart for seven weeks, and got even busier when I came back from my trip. Perfect timing since he has a storage place there that we have to deal with so we decided to visit the place. I have always heard good things about Atlanta and have always been curious. We went on Thursday after work, stayed at a hotel for the night and continued with our drive the next day. 10 hours roughly. We would normally take the plane but since we had so much stuff to bring with us back we decided to go for a road trip.

We stayed at the Double Tree Hotel by Buckhead. FYI: Valet Parking is $25 a day and WIFI is $9 a day (which I find weird since most hotels don't charge for this) I still enjoyed our stay there despite this (we expect to spend when we go on trips) The hotel is very clean, well decorated and staff are very helpful and polite. I believe breakfast is not included for the package that we paid for(additional $14 to get breakfast)

We got the chance to see the Botanical Garden, Stone Mountation, Aviation Museum and the Aquarium. Based from the weather forecast it was going to rain so we weren't expecting to see as many but I'm so glad it was mostly sunny during our visit.

Shopping wise, I enjoyed wandering around Phipps Plaza (they had Versace,Valentino, Gucci, Tiffany's and a whole lot more). For outlet malls having designer brands I have noticed that they don't have as much as compared to Florida.

My favorite food places were Rise and Dine (breakfast place), Houston's (get their porkchop) and Joey D's (ohhh croissants!)

Also love the fact the people are so friendly! It has a very happy and welcoming vibe and Im definetely going back here.

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