Friday, May 16, 2014

Monthly Add Ons

Each month would not pass by without me trying a new product. I have been a huge fan of Philosophy products and I saw that they recently added a new mask (Purity Mask) so got my hands on it ($25). Very easy to use. Dries pretty quickly and gives you the silky smooth feel afterwards. As they say it has the spa like feel. Personally I don't think this will make any difference if I use it since I use other brightening products. It did give me some bumps, I am not sure if my skin was reacting or if my skin was being cleansed. I have not yet seen a lot of reviews about this since its fairly new(Let me know when you have tried) I have mixed feelings about it.
The Ole Henriksen wipes (Vitamin C) are to die for(exaggerating) but dead serious. Takes of mascara and residue of makeup. Hands down. Too bad I just recently discovered them. ($15 for 30 wipes)
Uhm, do I need to emphasize that I loooove green tea?!? (pretty obvious from my Instagram posts lol) I'm in a bit panic because they are difficult to find them here. Last time we checked for Haagen Dazs here in Publix they did not have this flavor in stock!
This post is getting to be too long. But yeah I'm happy that we have Cha Time nearby. (Bubble Tea) is every asian's weakness. Hopefully Mark's and Spencer will open soon here in the US too, their cookies are just delicious!
Alright, time to keep reading my magazines.

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