Thursday, February 13, 2014

OOTD: New York Winter Encounter

When I first checked the weather for this trip it said that it was 10 degrees warmer, and of course when we arrived it was totally different. Our previous Chicago was so much convenient since hubby would drop us off versus now that we have to walk 3 blocks to get to the Lincoln Center for the shows. 

Talk about 4 to 5 layers each day(which Im not used to) to survive the crazy weather. Having experienced snow for the past months I can say that Im so ready for summer! Been here for a week now, my flight going back to Florida was cancelled. Bummer! was looking forward to speding Valentine's Day with hubby. 

Brands Im wearing:
Pink Coat- Jessica Simpson
Floral Beige Top- Zara
Sneakers- Geox
Leather Jacket-Levis
Floral Dress- Topshop
Purse- Gucci

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