Sunday, February 23, 2014

Add to Cart: New Sunnies

I always have an excuse to get myself à pair of sunnies, afterall Im in Florida! Outfit cant be complete without the perfect pair.
Meet my Cat eye Mcqueen and Leopard Gucci.

Late Upload: Fashom App Event and Fashion Happy Hour

I enjoy meeting people and learning from their experiences and culture,this is the reason why I enjoy attending events. I love being surrounded by creative people.
Here is à glimpse of our fun filled evening

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love affair with anything sweet

This past week I have been satisfying my taste buds.
What Im loving lately
Ben and Jerrys (I wish I can all have the flavors in our fridge)
Cousin John (Pastry Place here in Brookyn)
Godiva of course
Laduree box of 8 for $28, each pièce of their delightful macaroon is $2.80
(They opened their tea place at Soho last Feb 5 too serving breakfast,lunch and dinner)
J créw accessories are the best
Dior make up is always my splurge item
Trying more colors for my nails from Zoya that I received as freebies for NYFW

Friday, February 14, 2014

Add to Cart: Péter Pilotto for Target + Prada

Random finds from Péter Pilotto for Target to my Prada slip ons. Im à certified shopaholic (stick to à budget is the key and wait for sales!)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

OOTD: New York Winter Encounter

When I first checked the weather for this trip it said that it was 10 degrees warmer, and of course when we arrived it was totally different. Our previous Chicago was so much convenient since hubby would drop us off versus now that we have to walk 3 blocks to get to the Lincoln Center for the shows. 

Talk about 4 to 5 layers each day(which Im not used to) to survive the crazy weather. Having experienced snow for the past months I can say that Im so ready for summer! Been here for a week now, my flight going back to Florida was cancelled. Bummer! was looking forward to speding Valentine's Day with hubby. 

Brands Im wearing:
Pink Coat- Jessica Simpson
Floral Beige Top- Zara
Sneakers- Geox
Leather Jacket-Levis
Floral Dress- Topshop
Purse- Gucci

Friday, February 7, 2014

OOTD: New York Fashion Week

The show must go on...

Fashion shows still run despite the crazy weather here in NY. Just to give you an idea my flight was cancelled and after rebooking it then got delayed. I only had 10 mins interval to get to my connecting flight. Literally ran from Terminal C to D at the Atlanta Airport (almost passéd out not kidding at all). But thankfully after 6 hours landed safely in NYC, and yes nothing can stop me from attending. For me its the most wonderful time of the year.

Im so happy to be here!

Black Jacket- Topshop
Printed Skirt- Zara
Sneakers- Geox
Belt Bag- Dolce and Gabana
Boots- All Saints

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New York Fashion Week F/W 2014

I have been MIA because I am working on my schedule and outfits for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. I am crazy excited! Weather please be good.
Will make sûre to update you gorgeous ladies. Wish me luck!