Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sea World & Busch Garden

Starting the year with à more relaxed approach- in a more kiddoish way. Wé went to see The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago but I still wanted to go to Sea World! Busch Garden was an hour drive from Orlando so wé went the next day too to see it. In total thats à four hour drive going home.
It was freezing the day wé were at Sea World. Not à very pleasant experience walking around the park but in general I enjoyed our visit. Shows were amazing! Both parks have roller coaster rides(never been à fan). Got to see the animal kingdom at Busch, mostly animals that they also have in South Africa. Pretty interesting. I grew up not liking zoos because Im very sensitive with the smell so that part is not so fun. My husband wanted to go since its been à while for him too. Wé had à relaxing weekend, jump start for a busy year.

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