Monday, December 29, 2014

New year ahead

Another year is almost over. It was indeed a great year! (traveled quite a bit)

I was jotting down new goals, visualizing my 2015. I'm pretty excited.

Expect for more blog posts,more outfit photos. This coming year I'd like to focus more on relatable fashion. Top bloggers seem to feature more designer pieces which in reality not everyone could afford. I will stay true to my style (I love mixing designer pieces too). I'm just going for a minimalist style. Wherein you have four to five basic pieces and I show you how you can mix and match them. There is nothing wrong with repeating your outfits.

I will be doing more product reviews. I'm always in hunt for new skin care and beauty products.

For myself
I must admit I havent been eating healthy food this year,need to get more serious about this now that I'm in my 30's. Goal is to get fit. (Exercise)

I used to not be shy. Since I moved here in the US it seemed like I became a different person and somehow became shy. Probably because I was too afraid to make mistakes, it was a different crowd. Something I'm not familiar with. This coming year, I will interact and be involved more. Make new friends (which seemed difficult in this area, Miami especially)

And the list continues...

Thank you 2014.

Cheers to the new year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Busy week

December is usually the busiest month for me that's why I'm so behind with blog posts. (I got sick too). Need to finish my Christmas shopping!
Here are my outfits for this week
Black and white will always be my to go to outfit. The pants are from H&M which has thicker material. I was able to finally wear my tweed skirt since the weather got cooler. The burgundy lace top from Forever 21 is such a statement piece. I got tons of questions where I got it and compliments too when I wore it. You can tell that I've been loving burgundy in general since my New Balance sneakers and pleather skirt are both in that color. The black jumpsuit from Kenneth Cole was the perfect outfit especially when you add some color. I wanted to add some red but didn't really have anything that would go with it so I decided to use blue instead.  I live in white tee and jeans during the weekends. They are so easy to wear. Talk about comfortable. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Black Friday scores

I meant to post this a day after I got these pieces. It was in the draft section and totally forgot to post it.

Phillip Lim Mini Pashli Purse
Michael Kors slip ons
Miu Miu sneakers

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Designer Sale

My fave part of the year is when they put designer pieces on sale! Check my faves.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gift Ideas 2014: For Her


if she loves collecting classic pieces

Kate Spade 

if she is fun, bubbly and loves print

Marc Jacobs 

if she loves gold detail

Michael Kors

if she her to go to outfit is black

Sunday, November 16, 2014

When you are 30

After my birthday celebration I was able to reflect on the life lessons I learned in the past years so I thought of sharing it here in this post.

*Family comes first,ALWAYS! I remember those times when all I wanted to do was to be with friends,those sleepovers. When we are young we tend to spend more time with friends ignore our parents/family and have our own lives. Now that I live alone not technically since I live with my husband and have my inlaws around (but yes Im away from my family) I have realized how much I miss them. My mom is the sweetest, the coolest too I should say. She's been there through the good and bad,had my back when I felt like giving up, always available when everyone seemed busy. So yeah if you  live with your mom right now, cherish that. My brother on the other hand is growing too fast next thing hé is engaged. Time flies oh boy.

*Success comes in different forms. I was always taught (and expected) to excel, have good grades and parents say you will land à good job, to them that meant you are successful. Years passéd and I had my own définition of it.  Who doesnt want à good career? Who doesnt want à six figure paying job? Some choose to have à family, raise kids not have à career but are still happy. The same goes for me. Whatever aspect of my life that gives me a sense of happiness and fulfillment is considered success to me. Be it adjusting to à new country or simply just being able to let go of bad habits.
I have lowered my standards, I do not need other people telling me what success is. There is so much pressure in our society but at the end of the day it is what makes you happy that matters.

*Not everyone you meet will stay. Even I had to move to à different country, as much as I miss my friends back home this is something that is uncontrollable. People move on with their lives, some people will keep in touch some will go. Dont take it too personal.

*Savings is worth having than a Chanel purse. Sûre we all lust over designer pieces but at this point in time I would rather save on retirement, à new house or new car or just put my money in my savings account besides there will always be something on my wishlist. I just want to be more practical. Im practicing going back to basics. When I look in my closet I just realize how much money I have wasted on clothes and other material things which in reality wont pay the hospital bills if I get sick.

*Love yourself. I have learned this the hard way, I used to go out of my way, exerted too much effort for a person forgetting my own needs. I would end up disappointed and hurt. Now, I prioritize myself. No matter how busy I am I make sure to have my "me" time. I take care of myself by eating healthier food,exercise. Pamper myself with massages or just buy my favorite Starbucks drink.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Current Faves

I have à weird obsession of trying different skincare, always in hunt for the next best skincare regimen or beauty product. Thats how I was able to get to Sephora VIB Rouge in one year. I share my honest opinion because I know the struggle of finding the right product. When I first moved here in the US I was clueless, relied on reading product reviews online or watched countless YouTube reviews yet its different once you have actually tried the product. So here I am putting more dedication in posting more reviews.

I have used tons of products but haven't really done much reviews. So expect more articles about beauty. I will post everything that will be newly purchased,share with you whether they are worth buying or not.

Products shown:

1.Avene thermal spray

It reminds me so much of the Evian spray that I purchased years ago which I used for keeping my feel refreshed after doing yoga. This one I purchased in Rome, heard about it but difficult to find in the US so never got the chance to try it. When I first sprayed it to my face it helped calm my skin (redness due to acné), it also helped with keeping my skin hydrated during our long flight. Now its part of my routine. I use it before and after make up. Around $18 for 150ml

2. NARS Radiant Créamy Concealear

Shade I am using is called Ginger. The consistency is créamy which helps avoid having creases once applied which is usually my problem when I use concelear for my dark circles. Im so glad to find out about this. I have use various brands from Chanel, Dior to Maybelline and this seems to be the best I have ever tried. $28

3. Aesop Chamomille Mask
I found out about Aesop products through Instagram, I saw fashion bloggers rave about this. I tried looking for an actual store in Miami but didnt seem to have one so when my friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday I asked her if she could get this for me. She ordered it online for me. After the first application I fell inlove! The smell is so relaxing! I leave it on my skin for ten minutes, instantly after washing you feel the skin very soft and radiant. During the days I break out I use this as a spot treatment. This is something I would repurchase over and over again! $50

4. Vaseline Creme Brulee
What is not to like? This is very moisturizing. I apply it at night before bed and I wake up with soft kissable lips. $4 not sure about the price

5. Rimmel Lipsticks
I just wanted to add this here because I love their lipsticks. They dont dry my lips plus there are so many great colors.

Currently loving: 104 $7

Friday, November 7, 2014

Alexander Wang H&M

I have never gone shopping this early except for Black Friday. I dont do this for iPhone launches either but when its à désigner I like I go all out (obviously)

With 2 hours of sleep before this whole shopping spree it was difficult to concentrate thankfully the Starbucks inside the mall opened early too so was able to get my Caramel Macchaito.

Aventura Mall was the closest mall to me that had H&M, security was pretty tight, they had à good number of people for the event. H&M staff were all helpful and nice too. I shared the pieces I got on my YouTube too if you want to see. (waiting for it to upload as I write this).

The event started on time, in groups of 30 people you are allowed to shop for only 15 mins, 2 garments only per style per customer (they are aware of ebay resellers lol). You can try everything at the fitting room, they will get the sizes for you too but you are not allowed to ask for a different style, you have to be in the line again to get more designs if you wish to. You can also return purchases after 7 days with full refund. After that, everything will only be store credit.

The quality of the items are of good quality. (Made in China & Portugal)
Nothing was over priced. Im happy with everything that I got. Cant wait to style the pieces!
Great job, Alexander Wang and his team!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Gift Ideas 2014: Beauty Junkie

I start my Christmas shopping as early as November to avoid holiday rush and crowd, starting today I will be posting gift ideas for various categories to make shopping à lot easier for you gals.

Bobbi Brown Deluxe eye and lip palette $80
Guerlain Meteorites (Limited edition) $60
Dior Golden Shock Eyeshadow Palette $60
NARS Laced with Edge Nail Polish
(Limited Edition) $20

You can easily purchase these items online from Nordstrom

Bundle up

Waking up in the 60s finally. Ive been waiting for this and checking the weather for some miracle breeze that would swing by South Florida. While writing this post Im sipping à cup of green tea latte all bundled up with this knit cardigan that I got on sale from Urban Outfitters, wore this several times in Paris too
(Check out my travel vlog on YouTube), gives you a super cozy feel.
The next day,I decided to wear my Kenzo sweater with à black flowy dress, added à ball cap for the sporty feel and wore my Adidas sneakers. Wore this to see Gone Girl, uhmmm Im speechless with that movie.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekly outfits

As much as I would like to wear layers for fall, Florida weather is not cooperating yet so here are my picks for this week.
Seen so many pumpkin post for October, decided to wear this Orange dress from Topshop and paires them with my ultra comfy Naturalizer nude shoes.
Very rare to find boyfriend jeans that actually fit me thats why I fell inlove with these Zara ones the minute I tried them on. The off white top added à more laid back feel to the outfit.
This mesh dress from Urban Outfitters is my fave, I thought it would be difficult for me to pull it off since I dont have anything similar in my closet, trying something different can really be fun.
Dress down Friday is exciting for me, I can easily mix à day and night outfit. Of course denim makes it casual for daytime, at night I add à statement necklace to the black dress, switch to boots or heels. (I would remove the jacket)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fashion for a cause

Every October I make sure that I make time to be à part of Cancer awareness campaigns. Both my mom and mother in law are cancer survivors this is why events like these are very close to my heart.
I was given the chance once again (my second year of participating) to be à part of the styling team for this year's Juice Foundation Fashion for a cause event, I met so many beautiful kids with inspiring stories.
Their smiles and excitement to walk with the Miami Heat players during the show was the highlight of the night.
Goodies, food, even arcade games were also provided for the kiddos. Not to forget, à photo booth for the young at heart

Thursday, October 23, 2014

London sightsee

This recent trip is very special to me since its been à while since I have traveled with my husband overseas, I usually end up going by myself or my mother in law because of schedule conflict with work.
Traveling is the time wherein I reflect and makes me appreciate life even more.
London was on top of our list, prepared that we will spend quite à bit of money since everything is twice as expensive compared with US, it was all worth it in the end!
Things you need to know when you are visiting:
1. Maps are helpful, pretty much standard for tourists but its better to plan ahead of time where you want to go since there is so much to see.
2. Bundle up! Im from South Florida and the Philippines so yeah Im used to the humid weather. Bring your umbrella, October is rainy season in London.
3. Buy à sim with data, our wifi connection in the hotel was not good, so if you want to keep connected with social media make sure to buy one.
4. Try their food court, unlike here in the US Im not crazy over it since they offer so so meals. In the UK they had à great sélection of cuisine and I enjoyed most of my order.
5. Take the train. From the airport we took à cab and yeah we paid $200 for that ride, we were exhausted too from all the plane ride, 15 hours in total including wait time and connecting flight so à cab ride was needed. For the rest of the trip we took the train.
6. Marks&Spencer,Selfridges and Primark were my fave places for shopping. Too bad I was not able to see Harrods.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Inspiration

When I feel like giving up and when there is so much going on in my head, I read quotes online,this is today's favorite.

I love taking challenges, Im known for being a survivor, also as a risk taker. Its the best way to learn, Im really not afraid to make mistakes because its part of the journey.

Hopefully this lifts up your spirit too! Let's do this!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sweet treat

My body clock is still on Paris time, slept for about three hours,emptying my suitcase as I write this post and decided Im doing à giveaway for my Instagram followers. The goodies I got were all purchased during the trip with my own money (not à sponsored one). Feel like October is the perfect month to giveaway treats! Hope youll enjoy the goodies!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On the go

For the past days we have been traveling non stop thats why I have not updated my blog. Couldnt get any luck with our wifi in the hotel either. Luckily now at the airport (Paris) I have good connection so Im taking advantage of it before we head to Rome. I will write a more detailed post when Im back in the US. For now here are some photos.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vacay mood

All my bags are packed, ready for Monday's trip! If you watch me on YouTube you already have an idea where Im heading in the next days. Here are a few of the things Im bringing with me.

Hand cream is a must have, hate having dry hands, Loccitane is my trusted brand.

My Jcrew necklace to add some spice to plain outfits.

Comfy shoes since we will be doing a lot of walking. These are the All Saints boots that I purchased last year feel badly that I only wore it once to NYFW. Time to bring them out of the closet once again.

I bring a magazine with me to keep me side tracked and not be too bored especially on long flights. I find it difficult to doze off, from crying children to people who constantly use the lavatory how could one fall asleep lol, despite this Im still thankful and super excited!

I will make sure to take a lot of photos. I usually get overwhelmed thats why I tend to forget. I will take video blogs too!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Flat lays

I am loving putting stuff together through flat lays. Pretty much still styling only photo styling this time. If you follow me on IG Im sure you have noticed it by now.

I like sharing the products that I use.
I need to do more reviews here on my blog. It just gets tricky when you do blogging on the side. I am really trying hard to keep up.

I find it easier to get great shots if I use a white background. I use a piece of cardboard, the ones I use for my visual/mood boards. Gather the products that I want to feauture. Hold my camera up above the flat work space making sure everything is seen.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Where at: Fashion Happy Hour

Since the next Fashion Happy Hour event is upcoming I would like to share my fun experience attending it and being a part of it.

I learned about them through eventbrite. The first one I attended was when after I have finally adjusted with my new life here in the US.

I wanted to network, meet more creative people, explore new brands and visit new places. 
Co bloggers would host and they would invite me, since then I would go if my schedule permits. 
It was my weekender activity and it was the perfect place to catch up with people that I have not seen in a while too.

After a few months of attending I was invited by Valentina (beauty behind FHH) to join as one of the featured bloggers and of course I said yes. I helped style for the fashion show.
My model Natalie from DAMA modeling school was amazing. I love how these ladies are so dedicated with what they do. She modeled the style I chose for her very well.

So if you are looking for something different this week check them out, they are on Facebook and Instagram.
Unfortunately I do not have a lot of photos during that night. I was too busy choosing outfits for the show.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gucci Beauty

(Waaaah)literally screamed when I saw this. Gucci is one of my fave designer brand. I am so happy to see that they have a beauty line now. The quality better be good. Obviously I have high expectations.

Im no make up guru. I just love colors and this is my type of color wheel besides season colors. 
Kept adding pieces to my cart and ended up clicking X(exit) since I really dont need this. Might end up getting one lipstick from them. We shall see.

Price range is from $29-$79 (approx)
This is from their website. Im sure department stores will carry them. I have seen them on the Neiman Marcus website too and Saks.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Style of the Week

First look
Went for my visa appointment so I wanted to look chic but comfy. Was not in the mood for heels so wore my pointy flats. This top I got last year from Zara is the second time In wearing it again. Black pants are a staple piece. Even if its crazy hot here in Florida I could not stop wearing black.
Second look
White top is a basic tee from the H&M A/W collection, paired it pleather shorts since you know the weather here. Can't wait for my trip and layer! I miss the cooler season, its time! Slip ons are my Aldo all time fave
Third look
Chambray dress is from Armani Exchange and kitty flats are from Charlotte Olympia. This was on a Sunday thats why I chose a more laid outfit. We celebrated my mother in law's birthday. She looks fab! Love her!