Thursday, December 5, 2013

Last month of the year

Still cant believe that 2014 is right around the corner. There is still à lot coming for this month for me. It was hubby's birthday, then our wedding anniversary. Hé had work so wé havent celebrated yet. The view is from one of job sites, wé were on a roof top.

Felt badly though that I said no to à Macys pull out today :/ (Schedule conflict)
Had à styling event that got postponed too.

Looking forward to Art Basel (Saturday) then crazy excited about the fact that wé will be in Chicago, didnt get to go last year because of work. Hopefully, hubby gets to fly with us the same day. (His schedule is crazier) Tickets were purchased and hôtels were booked, weather is going to be crazy cold (at least for me) BUNDLE-ING UP thats for sure! While I am thinking over these things Im sipping my hot cocoa, and reading my Harper's Bazaar.

Working on more outfit videos and outfit posts.
Selfie for now!

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