Sunday, October 20, 2013

Model Fittings

It is such an honor to be working with Elyze Held. In case you do not know her you should start to Google! I find it amazing that the most successful people are the most humble and most approachable. They are very helpful in giving you tips how to get started.
I have never been to the Bal Harbour Shops, trusted my GPS and found my way. They have luxury brands from Valentino to Chanel. Its a must see if you are visiting Florida and if you are willing to splurge on designer pieces.
Went to Saks for the fitting,its fun to put pieces together from high end brands. I love working with kids. The most geniune. They tell you upfront what they like and dont like which makes things a lot easier.
Just wanted to give you some tips on what you need to do when you are asked to do fittings.
1. Be on time. Its always best to arrive early. Anticipate traffic.
2. Eat before going. It gets really busy and eating will always be after all work is done. Bring candy to satisfy the craving.
3. Wear comfy shoes. You may be asked to go pick up stuff and you dont want blisters.
4. Bring a pen. You usually need to take down notes for model sizes.
Brands shown:
Velvet Leggings- Express
Shoes- Ferragamo
Kid's Clothing- Oscar dela Renta, Milly, Burberry
California Roll- Makato located in Bal Harbour Shops

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Love your advice! :)