Monday, October 28, 2013

Coast Miami: Fashion Trade Exhibition

What: Coast Show Fashion Trade Exhibition
When: October 28-29,2013
Where: Soho Studios

There were more or less 300 brands who participated in this trade show. As I walked in I was in awe. It reminded me so much of Fashion Week,getting first dibs on the collection. Most of the people I have seen are buyers from department stores and boutique owners. I enjoyed people watching too since I saw a lot of fashionistas!

Clothes, shoes and accessories were all over the place , did not even know where to begin. I spent three hours looking around. All the walking was definitely worth it, got to see unique pieces, patterns and colors.

I was very fortunate to be invited in this event,had the opportunity to understand the story behind each brand and the best part is meeting the designers.

This event was very informative because it introduced me to a lot of new brands that I am not familiar with (since I just moved here in the US last year), perfect way to spice up my wardrobe since I usually stick with brands that I am more familiar with. The quality of all the items I have seen is beyond amazing. Most of them are hand made, crafted to make sure the best if offered to consumers. Seeing this process made me appreciate the retail industry more.

P.S Thank You for all the freebies!
Gabriella thank you for all your help when I was around.

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