Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Clarisonic Plus

After reading numerous reviews about this product I finally gave in and purchased it.
My plan was to get the Mía 2 but for $26 more you get one that can also be used for the body so I settled for the Clarisonic Plus. I had to charge the handle prior to first use for 24 hours so I had to wait for the next day to get my hands on it and give it a try. I was skeptical about it since everytime I try a new product or routine I automatically break out. I have two events this week and yeah having a zit would really be annoying. And so last night was the first try and man it felt like it was the cleanest feeling Ive ever had for years for my face besides getting a facial treatment. What took me forever to purchase this?!! My face was not red nor irritated. I paired it with my fave face wash from Origins. The vibrating motion was so gentle on my skin and I love that it has three speeds. Beeps too when you have to move to the next portion of the face to be cleaned. I will keep using the low speed since I have very sensitive skin. I have used it last night and this morning, no breakouts! Easier to apply make up too since my skin feels very smooth.I cant wait to see the results after a month of using this, only been a day and Im hooked!
Can I finally say Hello to glowing skin?
Kit retails for $225. Purchased at Dillards

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