Thursday, October 10, 2013

Choo shopping

I randomnly saw someone with a paper bag from Jimmy Choo while I was enjoying my green tea latte and cake pop from Starbucks, I pretty much know all the brands from this outlet mall since I am a frequent buyer so I got suprised. Searched for it and found it at the Colenade Area. Store is not very big but there's quite a number of pairs to choose from. Flats and slippers retail from $200-350, stilettos for $350, other shoes were around $700+ purses and sunglasses are also available. Came home with two shoes! Cashier made a mistake of charging me with two. I was in a hurry so I just let them charge me but decided to return the other pair today. They just opened and I understand that staff are still trying to figure out the how to's. They were willing to give the refund yesterday but it was taking them a while and I needed to go. The cashier even apologized for the confusion. The associate did not confirm the amount to me before charging it to my card. She asked for my debit card and ID next thing she was handing me my receipt with two shoe charges. They let me return the shoes today.Im glad that I got my money back. Kept the white ones!

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