Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finds under $10

I challenged myself to find goodies that should be less than 10 bucks. Surprisingly enough I found quite a few. As much as I love high end brands I love finding great deals!

Brands shown:

Charlotte Russe

Beanie $8
Headband $7
Cropped lace top $5
Zebra shirt $5
Powder blue sleeveless top $5

Camis $5

Sweatshirt I cant remember oops :/ I think it was $7

Make up

NYX $3
Maybelline $6 (forgot too :/)
Sephora Lip Liner $6
Wet n Wild Black Lipstick $2

Nail Polish

Wet n Wild Glow in the Dark less than $5

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lady said...

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