Monday, October 28, 2013

Coast Miami: Fashion Trade Exhibition

What: Coast Show Fashion Trade Exhibition
When: October 28-29,2013
Where: Soho Studios

There were more or less 300 brands who participated in this trade show. As I walked in I was in awe. It reminded me so much of Fashion Week,getting first dibs on the collection. Most of the people I have seen are buyers from department stores and boutique owners. I enjoyed people watching too since I saw a lot of fashionistas!

Clothes, shoes and accessories were all over the place , did not even know where to begin. I spent three hours looking around. All the walking was definitely worth it, got to see unique pieces, patterns and colors.

I was very fortunate to be invited in this event,had the opportunity to understand the story behind each brand and the best part is meeting the designers.

This event was very informative because it introduced me to a lot of new brands that I am not familiar with (since I just moved here in the US last year), perfect way to spice up my wardrobe since I usually stick with brands that I am more familiar with. The quality of all the items I have seen is beyond amazing. Most of them are hand made, crafted to make sure the best if offered to consumers. Seeing this process made me appreciate the retail industry more.

P.S Thank You for all the freebies!
Gabriella thank you for all your help when I was around.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fashion for a Cause: Juice Foundation

Cancer sucks. Both my mom and mother in law thankfully survived! Ever since my mom was diagnosed and treated I promised myself that in my simple way I would give back whenever there will be a charity event.
This is the second event for me for this month and I feel so insipired to hear stories of strength and how the community responds to charity events.

The Juice Foundation has been doing the event for three years now and I am beyond overwhelmed to be able to work backstage. I do not know Janine Howard (founder) personally but after her speech I was moved with her passion to be able to help others. One good deed can change lives forever. To the team behind it, god bless your hearts.

Thank you for the opportunity Elyze Held

Some photos are from Instagram taken by attendees. I was backstage so could not take behind the scenes photos.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finds under $10

I challenged myself to find goodies that should be less than 10 bucks. Surprisingly enough I found quite a few. As much as I love high end brands I love finding great deals!

Brands shown:

Charlotte Russe

Beanie $8
Headband $7
Cropped lace top $5
Zebra shirt $5
Powder blue sleeveless top $5

Camis $5

Sweatshirt I cant remember oops :/ I think it was $7

Make up

NYX $3
Maybelline $6 (forgot too :/)
Sephora Lip Liner $6
Wet n Wild Black Lipstick $2

Nail Polish

Wet n Wild Glow in the Dark less than $5

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Model Fittings

It is such an honor to be working with Elyze Held. In case you do not know her you should start to Google! I find it amazing that the most successful people are the most humble and most approachable. They are very helpful in giving you tips how to get started.
I have never been to the Bal Harbour Shops, trusted my GPS and found my way. They have luxury brands from Valentino to Chanel. Its a must see if you are visiting Florida and if you are willing to splurge on designer pieces.
Went to Saks for the fitting,its fun to put pieces together from high end brands. I love working with kids. The most geniune. They tell you upfront what they like and dont like which makes things a lot easier.
Just wanted to give you some tips on what you need to do when you are asked to do fittings.
1. Be on time. Its always best to arrive early. Anticipate traffic.
2. Eat before going. It gets really busy and eating will always be after all work is done. Bring candy to satisfy the craving.
3. Wear comfy shoes. You may be asked to go pick up stuff and you dont want blisters.
4. Bring a pen. You usually need to take down notes for model sizes.
Brands shown:
Velvet Leggings- Express
Shoes- Ferragamo
Kid's Clothing- Oscar dela Renta, Milly, Burberry
California Roll- Makato located in Bal Harbour Shops

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fashion for a Cause

Story of the outfit: 30+ bloggers team up for Breast Cancer campaign
Where: Bloomingdales Aventura
When: October 17, 2013
It was crazy back stage so I was not able to take photos during the show. Here are a few

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brand Launch: Style Mafia

First time I have worked with Simonette was during a Macys event, I was helping her choose her outfits, we were together for several hours and ended up chit chatting,exchanging ideas and she has mentioned how she wants her own clothing line after being an event planner for several years. So when I saw her pictures on IG being in China I knew she was living her dreams. I was lucky to be one of the few to get hands on the clothes that she launched yesterday. When I think about something made or brought in China it kind of bothers me because quality tends to suffer but I saw how much she carefully chose each √≠tem after seeing the entire collection.
I have seen some of the items before I flew to NY for fashion week. She even shared me her little secret that she was launching an actual boutique besides the brand launch. I got very excited for her. She entertained my request for me to see some of the items available at that time and purchased two things but did not get the chance to wear it during the launch because I didnt really have the right size. I still need to go back to have mine exchanged. Dont even have the label on the clothes which I also want as my souvenir. It was a sucess Simo, congratulations!
I like it when people are not afraid to take baby steps to achieve their goal and make their dreams become into a reality.
Blazer: Armani Exchange
Cropped Top: Pacsun
Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Nordstrom
Purse: Gucci

Blog Mania

You can blog about a life experience, a beauty product, celebrity style, make up or any topic you can think of.
Some do it as a hobby, others as their business.
Attended this conference to familiarize myself  and understand the deeper meaning of blogging. They had several workshops which are all very informative. The speakers were very helpful in sharing their experiences, every piece of knowledge they know to help you get started.
Story of the outfit: Style Bloggers of Color Conference
Where: Hyatt Regency Miami
One of the speakers: Kelly Saks of Kelly's Kloset
When: October 11-12,2013
Shoes: Desigual

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Choo shopping

I randomnly saw someone with a paper bag from Jimmy Choo while I was enjoying my green tea latte and cake pop from Starbucks, I pretty much know all the brands from this outlet mall since I am a frequent buyer so I got suprised. Searched for it and found it at the Colenade Area. Store is not very big but there's quite a number of pairs to choose from. Flats and slippers retail from $200-350, stilettos for $350, other shoes were around $700+ purses and sunglasses are also available. Came home with two shoes! Cashier made a mistake of charging me with two. I was in a hurry so I just let them charge me but decided to return the other pair today. They just opened and I understand that staff are still trying to figure out the how to's. They were willing to give the refund yesterday but it was taking them a while and I needed to go. The cashier even apologized for the confusion. The associate did not confirm the amount to me before charging it to my card. She asked for my debit card and ID next thing she was handing me my receipt with two shoe charges. They let me return the shoes today.Im glad that I got my money back. Kept the white ones!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Keep or return it

I did a lot returns and exchanges after fashion week and so I uploaded a haul video on my channel, so which items need to be kept and returned?
Keep the shoes? I guess since they are only $25!!!
Just click the You Tube icon to get access to my channel
Check what's inside this pouch its my montly international giveaway!