Monday, September 9, 2013

Wrong date,whooops

Snoozed alarm this morning, felt how muscles are screaming for a massage. In Fort Lauderdale I need to drive around to get to places and here its all about walking. Man, I cant lose more weight I dont want my calories to be burning right away, kidding aside it is good exercise. Cant believe that 20 steps going up makes me pant already! I really need to be more fit! The schedule being crazy I got ready and without noticing the date I went to Lincoln went to lunch with my in law and realized the schedule that I had with me is for tomorrow. I wasted à very good outfit too. In the end got the chance to visit Zara and shopped à little. Worked on some videos for my you tube channel and just took this selfie since I was too excited about the hat and candy I got the other day.  Dinner was spent with husband's family. California Folks and Mochi! And now Im getting ready for tomorrow, steaming my outfits. Doubled check my schedule this time. Im all set, cant believe Fashion Week is almost over.

Top: A/X Beanie: H&M Watch: Philip Stein

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