Monday, September 23, 2013


I couldnt edit my videos for You Tube using my Ipad when I was in NY and that was the time wherein I wished I had a laptop. One week being there with so many videos to upload was a bit frustrating. Came back and my desktop broke down again after replacing the hard drive once but still gave up so I had to make a decision whether to have it fixed or get a new one. I am fine using my desktop since I do not do much editing (Im a newbie) plus I use my phone and Ipad for blogging anyway.
And so today, I got my new buddy. After buying the exact same model for my mother in law yesterday as our birthday present to her, me and hubby decided that its going to be my laptop too and got one for myself today.
Touch screen, great features, plus it was on sale! Now I have no excuse not to learn a new video editing software. (Pressure)
Burger,yogurt and collage for inspiration too

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