Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Im starting a new portion on my blog. I will be spotting on the trendiest outfits whenever Im out in the mall, at a restaurant or even at the movie house, and will be taking pictures of you fashionistas and will feature you on my blog.

As women, we like being appreciated and noticed. I hope when I see your style you will be ready to give me that pose. Im doing this because I want to motivate more women to look their best and feel good about themselves.

Ohh ignore it if you are not a size zero all that matters is you have that ooozing confidence and style!

So make sure you have the best outfit when you step off that driveway. Hoping to bump into you soon! Im excited to hear the story of your outfit.

And the fun part, you get freebies!


Unknown said...

this is a great idea!!

Unknown said...

Thank YYou. I wish I can bump into you. :)