Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Save the best for last

I woke up late today since I fell asleep around 4am but pretty much had enough time to get ready and choose my outfit. Switched twice since weather was crazy.

Hottest is 93. Air was dry. Everybody trying to cool off. Good thing there was free water and free ice cream too which I really enjoyed!

Got the chance to talk to à few people about their outfits. Highlight of my day is meeting Chriselle Lim, taking à video of her & getting à glance of Aimee Song during the Nanette Lapore show. Both Asian bloggers and both from LA. I was hoping to see Bryan Boy also à Filipino, but did not have the energy to wait for the Betsy Johnson Show which I believe hé is attending. So now my day ends with me relaxing on the couch trying to figure out what to pack first and get ready for my flight back to FL tomorrow night. Ohhh looking forward to get some bubble tea too that I saw two blocks away from where wé away. My trip would not be complete without shopping, so I got à few things and will upload that on my You Tube channel very soon. Ohhh my NY I am just in love with this city! Cant wait to be back!

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