Saturday, September 7, 2013


I was up at 4am. Flight was at 7. I had 3 shows to see. Missed one. :( One having Rachelle Zoé on the show. Shrug! I could not make it since coming from the airport I had so little time to get ready. When I purchased my tickets I had no idea that I will be able to see more than two shows. Was so lucky to be seeing more than seven! Im not getting any luck yet with outfit pictures since my in law who is super nice to be helping me around is not à professional photographer. So I thought of taking à picture of other outfits instead. (For now) Everybody is friendly too, people take pictures of each other's outfit. Its fun to see that Lincoln Center itself is à catwalk.

This experience is just over whelming! Life changing!

I was literally dead tired on the first day sorry if I look haggard on this one haha! As Ive mentioned on Instagram sleep is after fashion week!

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