Friday, September 13, 2013

Cancelled Flight

I can pretty much say that this is the last time we are flying Spirit. Im just not partícularly thrilled by their service, more so they did not even offer us a hotel for the inconvenience of a cancelled flight. They could not fly us any sooner than Saturday morning. No offer of hotel to stay, a coupon Or any conplimentary. Good thing we have a place where we could stay so it was not such a hassle but what if we had to pay for extra two days? Just so inconvenient and annoying.

Slept until 11 since me and my mom in law are just so tired. The preparation before Fashion Week was exhausting since we had to joggle work,shopping and all that at the same time.

We were not sure where to go today. Had places in mind but they were mostly shopping places so just decided to see Rockefeller Center,had lunch there too. I had a good time since Fifth Avenue has interesting shopping places with amazing architecture plus was able to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral. Decided to visit Times Square too. Now my feet are hurting. I cant wait to upload my videos on You Tube too! No Wifi  here in our apartment, and my data plan is getting close to the limit so I am being more careful with my usage. As soon as I get back to FL I will edit and upload my videos right away.

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