Sunday, September 29, 2013

Diary of the Traveling Wife

Lol. Cant think of a post titile. Sorry.
No paper work nor styling event today so I decided to go with hubby today. He was working at a job site that was right next door to the mall. 8:30 I was in Target already. Sort of opened the mall huh. In the hopes of getting hands on the Philip Lim purses I still checked that section, and yep not a surprise no more stock,bummer! Off to the snackies,make up and nail polish section,starbucks then waited for the other stores to open, looked for a laptop sleeve. Hubby was done after two hours, and I wasnt! Urgh...

Trying my best to be consistent in posting daily video blogs,click on the You Tube icon on my page and feel free to comment!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Essentials

Check out more details on my You Tube channel
Everything is under $60

Monday, September 23, 2013


I couldnt edit my videos for You Tube using my Ipad when I was in NY and that was the time wherein I wished I had a laptop. One week being there with so many videos to upload was a bit frustrating. Came back and my desktop broke down again after replacing the hard drive once but still gave up so I had to make a decision whether to have it fixed or get a new one. I am fine using my desktop since I do not do much editing (Im a newbie) plus I use my phone and Ipad for blogging anyway.
And so today, I got my new buddy. After buying the exact same model for my mother in law yesterday as our birthday present to her, me and hubby decided that its going to be my laptop too and got one for myself today.
Touch screen, great features, plus it was on sale! Now I have no excuse not to learn a new video editing software. (Pressure)
Burger,yogurt and collage for inspiration too

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Behind the seams with Annie Vásquez

Since I was not able to attend the Premier last September 14 for the short film that I was given the chance to be a part of I decided to swing by Bloomingdales today to check the film

Congratulations to Annie of The Fashion Poet & Karla Ruiz Gomez, the rest of the team and crew.

Photo credit to some of the IG photos from @starislegirl and @thefashionpoet

Location: Miami Marine Stadium
For: Miami Fashion Film Festival

Friday, September 20, 2013

Where to shop for the weekend

Season is changing and as we all know layering is the key element for fall. So you might want to check a few pieces from these stores since they are having awesome deals especially this weekend. All you have to do is mix and match. Happy shopping!

Fall Make Up

I keep browsing new make up products as if I am a pro. I love seeing colors so maybe it is what attracts me to these. Checked a few online and here are my faves.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wife duties

Today I do not have paper work nor styling gig so I thought of going with hubby because he is working partly day and partly night shift today. Job site is almost an hour and a half away from home and I always worry that he might fall asleep when he does long drives. Arrived here around 11, grabbed lunch,went to site and he was done in about two hours. Checked in our hotel and now its 12:32 am and yes its been a long day, while waiting for him to get back I thought of writing this post.

Top: Urban Outfitters
Pants: Forever 21

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Camera Strap

I had the most stylish camera strap during the NYFW thanks to Capturing Couture. Check out their website. Mine is the hot pink organza. I want all the colors!

They have guitar straps, key chains and even camera bags! Prices are very affordable for this trendy statement piece. Get yours now.

Top & Skirt: Zara Shoes: Miu Miu


Im starting a new portion on my blog. I will be spotting on the trendiest outfits whenever Im out in the mall, at a restaurant or even at the movie house, and will be taking pictures of you fashionistas and will feature you on my blog.

As women, we like being appreciated and noticed. I hope when I see your style you will be ready to give me that pose. Im doing this because I want to motivate more women to look their best and feel good about themselves.

Ohh ignore it if you are not a size zero all that matters is you have that ooozing confidence and style!

So make sure you have the best outfit when you step off that driveway. Hoping to bump into you soon! Im excited to hear the story of your outfit.

And the fun part, you get freebies!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cancelled Flight

I can pretty much say that this is the last time we are flying Spirit. Im just not partícularly thrilled by their service, more so they did not even offer us a hotel for the inconvenience of a cancelled flight. They could not fly us any sooner than Saturday morning. No offer of hotel to stay, a coupon Or any conplimentary. Good thing we have a place where we could stay so it was not such a hassle but what if we had to pay for extra two days? Just so inconvenient and annoying.

Slept until 11 since me and my mom in law are just so tired. The preparation before Fashion Week was exhausting since we had to joggle work,shopping and all that at the same time.

We were not sure where to go today. Had places in mind but they were mostly shopping places so just decided to see Rockefeller Center,had lunch there too. I had a good time since Fifth Avenue has interesting shopping places with amazing architecture plus was able to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral. Decided to visit Times Square too. Now my feet are hurting. I cant wait to upload my videos on You Tube too! No Wifi  here in our apartment, and my data plan is getting close to the limit so I am being more careful with my usage. As soon as I get back to FL I will edit and upload my videos right away.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Save the best for last

I woke up late today since I fell asleep around 4am but pretty much had enough time to get ready and choose my outfit. Switched twice since weather was crazy.

Hottest is 93. Air was dry. Everybody trying to cool off. Good thing there was free water and free ice cream too which I really enjoyed!

Got the chance to talk to à few people about their outfits. Highlight of my day is meeting Chriselle Lim, taking à video of her & getting à glance of Aimee Song during the Nanette Lapore show. Both Asian bloggers and both from LA. I was hoping to see Bryan Boy also à Filipino, but did not have the energy to wait for the Betsy Johnson Show which I believe hé is attending. So now my day ends with me relaxing on the couch trying to figure out what to pack first and get ready for my flight back to FL tomorrow night. Ohhh looking forward to get some bubble tea too that I saw two blocks away from where wé away. My trip would not be complete without shopping, so I got à few things and will upload that on my You Tube channel very soon. Ohhh my NY I am just in love with this city! Cant wait to be back!