Monday, August 12, 2013


I have been seeing Ulta everytime I would eat at Panera but never had the chance to come in. So today since we brought the dog to the groomer I finally had the chance to explore a bit. I did not need anything in particular. My brushes are from elf or eco tools, been wanting to get Dior brushes. I will get it for sure before the year ends. Saw the real techniques and I have heard numerous reviews about it so I got one. The honeydew and blueberry eos lip balms are so hard to find so even if I have the other flavors I decided to still get them. Got curious about the eco tools false eye lashes so I got two, one that is labeled Barely There which I will use and the Everyday Length kind that I will give my mother in law. Was extremely happy to see the matte top coat as well! Ulta literally has dozens of nail polish, from different brands.

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