Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Organized my closet

My dust allergy just attacked big time after trying to clean my closet mess for 5 hours. With travel and work I just piled everything and left à clutter, could not stand it any more so I finally did something about it. Im not sûre if this will stay like this but I will try my best. I have à small closet so I tried my best to maximize the space.

I put together my printed pants and jeans together, long sleeves together. Made sûre each is seperated by kind to make it easier for me to find stuff.

1. Set aside what you do not need/wear. Sell them to Plato's Closet or Ebay
2. Check your wardrobe pièces each season, shorts will have to be in a box soon since it will be cooler in the next months,sweatshirts come in!
3. I like hanging everything to see what I have. I like taking pictures of pieces that go well together so I can remember

I uploaded à video. Check it on You Tube :) Link is also here on my site

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