Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let them

Im sure all of us went through à painful stage in our lives, felt alone and felt no one else believed. Well, I would like to share with you my personal experience.

One year of being here in the US was tough, I was able to see who stayed and left my life. I have seen who the réal friends were. Nothing comes easy I usually hear people say that. And I have proved that myself. From adjusting to the stressful environment here to being home sick. All these factors changed me. Helped me become à responsive kind of person. I used to just go with the flow, but with all the changes that happened I became adaptive to it, took everything as a challenge and pushed myself to keep looking forward.

Pièce of advice, do not let anyone stop you from dreaming. Even if you are fighting the battle all by yourself, stay strong. Let these people who once put you down see how much you have reached without them. Sometimes we are too harsh on ourselves, wanting everyone's approval. You do not live for them, you live for the life you have dreamed of and planned of. So no matter what, stay focused and let them see you can :) Trust me, they were removed in your lives for a reason, so do not go chasing and beg for them to stay, you deserve so much more.

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