Sunday, August 4, 2013


When I went to Barneys I had the Phillip Lim on my hand already. The mini pashli was way too small since I am used to carrying a big purse  that is why I did not buy it. The medium though was heavy even if it was so empty. I am still obsessing about it though, I must admit. Ohhh,royal blue is such a pretty shade!
Chanel will always be chanel. No words needed. The chanel boy purses is just mind blowing. I'm not sure though if I am willing to shell out that much for a purse. And of course next goes the Hermes Kelly on top most for my wish list.  Now that I saw this bi color flats I'm now confused whether I should get this over the Miu Miu slippers that I am also inlove with. I tried them on and they're like the most comfortable shoes ever! I am thinking of getting that for my birthday. But now I'm torn.
I like Rimowa luggages for their style, the 4 wheel, classy design, very lightweight and fun colors but I have seen people complain online that it gets dented once its not properly handled,unless you are flying business class of course.

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