Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hello New York Fashion Week

When I moved here in Florida about à year ago, I have never imagined that I will be able to attend this prestigious event. I have watched tons of designer shows during the event but only live streaming through my desktop computer hoping to attend to at least one of the shows someday.  I thought to myself Im dreaming too much but here I am only à couple of days away from being able to see more than five shows.

I cannot put into words the excitement that I have. When you meet the right people, they believe in you and they share their knowledge to help you become à better person. I am so blessed to have met this person.

As I write this post Im still planning on my outfits, Im not hoping to be on the best dressed just not the worst though haha. Wanted to share my statement piece for this event. My Goyard. Once in a while I splurge ànd spoil myself but as I get older I have gotten more practical. I was thinking of getting à new purse for this event but I wanted something really unique so I decided to have it monogrammed.

The hashtag #nyfw will be my souvenir, à reminder to myself that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Proved myself that I do not have to be à VIP or celebrity to be able to attend this event. Most of the time its the passion and dedication for that one thing you have always dreamed of will bring you to where you want to be just dont be afraid to take small steps toward that big dream!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Phillip Lim for Target

You can see from my previous post that I have been wanting the Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel, even checked at Barney's if they have the royal blue one, the medium feels heavy to me even when empty, the mini is too small though so in the end I did not buy it. Im excited to see his collaboration with Target. Here are à few pictures. Save the date. They will be available by September 15. Prices will be budget friendly too. The purse I was eyeing sad $895 and the crossbody bag in the picture is around $34!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fall-ing for Tory

Screaming in excitement, I want everything! Reposting pictures from Tory Burch's Fall Must Haves. 

Are you ready for fall?

Let them

Im sure all of us went through à painful stage in our lives, felt alone and felt no one else believed. Well, I would like to share with you my personal experience.

One year of being here in the US was tough, I was able to see who stayed and left my life. I have seen who the réal friends were. Nothing comes easy I usually hear people say that. And I have proved that myself. From adjusting to the stressful environment here to being home sick. All these factors changed me. Helped me become à responsive kind of person. I used to just go with the flow, but with all the changes that happened I became adaptive to it, took everything as a challenge and pushed myself to keep looking forward.

Pièce of advice, do not let anyone stop you from dreaming. Even if you are fighting the battle all by yourself, stay strong. Let these people who once put you down see how much you have reached without them. Sometimes we are too harsh on ourselves, wanting everyone's approval. You do not live for them, you live for the life you have dreamed of and planned of. So no matter what, stay focused and let them see you can :) Trust me, they were removed in your lives for a reason, so do not go chasing and beg for them to stay, you deserve so much more.

Organized my closet

My dust allergy just attacked big time after trying to clean my closet mess for 5 hours. With travel and work I just piled everything and left à clutter, could not stand it any more so I finally did something about it. Im not sûre if this will stay like this but I will try my best. I have à small closet so I tried my best to maximize the space.

I put together my printed pants and jeans together, long sleeves together. Made sûre each is seperated by kind to make it easier for me to find stuff.

1. Set aside what you do not need/wear. Sell them to Plato's Closet or Ebay
2. Check your wardrobe pièces each season, shorts will have to be in a box soon since it will be cooler in the next months,sweatshirts come in!
3. I like hanging everything to see what I have. I like taking pictures of pieces that go well together so I can remember

I uploaded à video. Check it on You Tube :) Link is also here on my site

Saturday, August 17, 2013

International Giveaway

It's my birthday and since I have the perfect gift which is attending NYFW I would like to make you guys happy too! So watch out for the details if you want to win these! I will choose the winner on September 15 for the watches and September 10 for the shoes! Good luck to all of you, uploading You Tube video in a bit so stay tuned :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Birthday Giveway

I have decided to give two giveaways for my birth month. I have uploaded my video on You Tube. This is extra special since I will be choosing the winners from my home country,the Philippines. So kung Pinoy ka, check mo lang ang video ko and andun lahat ng details para manalo

Salamat and good luck!

Will be announcing winners on September 16.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

NBC Segment Styling BTS

Annie of has been extremely nice to me, teaching me a lot of things how she became successful in the fashion/blogging industry. Today we meet again for the NBC Segment, to promote Back to School Outfit ideas,you can get the outfits from the Burlington Coat Factory which btw has a wide variety of clothing, bags, etc. Portion of sales are being donated to a certain charity. Here are some of the photos I took 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer is not over

Its still warm out. Check your list

3/4 Knit Top
Beaded High Waisted Shorts
Printed Flannel Skirt
Samsung Galaxy Camera
IPad Case
Watch I badly want Gucci!
Guerlain Make Up
Ciate Nail Polish
Top Shop Orange Purse
Miu Miu Sunglasses
Curling Iron
Statement Necklace
Smoking Slippers Marc Jacobs, Charlotte Olympia,Miu Miu and Prada

Being a normal girl /wink/

Monday, August 12, 2013


I have been seeing Ulta everytime I would eat at Panera but never had the chance to come in. So today since we brought the dog to the groomer I finally had the chance to explore a bit. I did not need anything in particular. My brushes are from elf or eco tools, been wanting to get Dior brushes. I will get it for sure before the year ends. Saw the real techniques and I have heard numerous reviews about it so I got one. The honeydew and blueberry eos lip balms are so hard to find so even if I have the other flavors I decided to still get them. Got curious about the eco tools false eye lashes so I got two, one that is labeled Barely There which I will use and the Everyday Length kind that I will give my mother in law. Was extremely happy to see the matte top coat as well! Ulta literally has dozens of nail polish, from different brands.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

If all else fails,wear black

Wearing black during summer is tricky, so I wanted to pair it with white. Here are the looks that I like.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Black & Old Rose

Blazer ($30)
Forever 21

Cropped Top ($15)
Flea Market from the Philippines

Flannel Skirt  ($18)

Peep Toe Flats ($10) On Sale
Cotton On


Went to Anthropologie and Nordstrom to check what they have.  Saw a couple of cute beaded clutch in Anthropologie and this is my fave color combo, blue and white. McQueen as always has intridicate details for his designs which I'm totally eyeing on.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Neutral, Prints & Denim

Denim Jacket $40
Zara (On Sale during my NY trip)

Dress $20
Bayo (Local Brand from the Philippines)

Belt Bag $35
Michael Kors (Saks Fifth Avenue Woodsbury Outlet Store NY)

Flats $20

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Behind the scenes

Most of the time during fashion shows or shoots I cannot take a lot of pictures since I am always in action, helping models get the right outfit, have the outfits arranged in proper  sequence, steaming clothes and all that. Thought it would be nice to show you behind the scenes.

1. American Black Film Festival worked with Macys Styling team for their fashion show at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Miami

2. Fashion Show for the Grand Opening of Luxury Apartments at Gables Ponce

3. Sagamore Hotel Miami Swim Week Event with Peroni


When I went to Barneys I had the Phillip Lim on my hand already. The mini pashli was way too small since I am used to carrying a big purse  that is why I did not buy it. The medium though was heavy even if it was so empty. I am still obsessing about it though, I must admit. Ohhh,royal blue is such a pretty shade!
Chanel will always be chanel. No words needed. The chanel boy purses is just mind blowing. I'm not sure though if I am willing to shell out that much for a purse. And of course next goes the Hermes Kelly on top most for my wish list.  Now that I saw this bi color flats I'm now confused whether I should get this over the Miu Miu slippers that I am also inlove with. I tried them on and they're like the most comfortable shoes ever! I am thinking of getting that for my birthday. But now I'm torn.
I like Rimowa luggages for their style, the 4 wheel, classy design, very lightweight and fun colors but I have seen people complain online that it gets dented once its not properly handled,unless you are flying business class of course.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vote for me

H&M has launched their online store. Along with that they have an online contest. Winner goes to New York and be able to attend their event. How cool is that! Just in time for Fashion Week. And wins $1000 gift card,free airfare and hotel accomodation  I badly waaant to go!
I hope you guys can help me. Here is the link where you can vote. Voting ends on August 21.

My user name is poise_anj

White Out

Its too hot lately. Lighter shades of clothing helps to less absorb heat. My choice: WHITE.

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