Monday, July 29, 2013

Power of White

Who doesnt like pearly white teeth and glowing skin?

This two products are my favorite! I researched a lot about the love soap before purchasing it. Ordered two soaps to give it a try, transaction and shipping went smoothly. Soap is on the pricey side but definetely worth it, around $22. I highly recommend getting them from the actual store, although resellers are also available. I have been using it for 3 days now, it does not whiten your skin right away but you can feel how smooth and glowing your skin will be. Been getting compliments lately too. Helps a lot with acne marks. Very gentle on skin and did not give me any break outs. Now I am so obsessed with it! Its a part of my daily regimen.

I have been a Colgate user all my life,  I can remember using it as a kid. It just feels different using a different brand. I wanted to whiten my teeth so bad since I drink so much soda and tea. Even on the first use you can see a noticable difference. I am in awe! So glad I purchased this. Waaay cheaper too if you get that dentist appointment. This is only around $5.

Give it a try guys you might just like it as much as I do! Thumbs up for there products!

Just a random picture of me after 3 days of use.

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