Thursday, July 25, 2013

New York July 2013

This is by far the best summer ever! I have always wanted to visit NY but when I first moved here in the US I got a job right away and didnt have the time to really explore. And NY was always on the top of my list. We only have 3 days here since we spent 9 days in Pennsylvania to visit family.
First day: Drove to Woodsbury Commons Premium Outlet Mall which was an hour and 30 mins away from PA. They have a lot of good stuff! You have to be ready for major damage on your credit card. They have Longchamp, YSL, Chloe, Gucci, and the long list continues.
Second day: Shopping again! Went to check Century 21 another mecca for shopaholics. They didnt have my size for the shoes that I want so did not buy anything in the end. They have bags, perfume, shoes, sunglasses! All the prices are affordable too! You have to be ready for the long lines. I found Tom Ford sunglasses but I was not patient enough with the line so I skipped it.
Then we went to Barneys, wanted to have my Goyard purse monogramed. Unfortunately, they only do it if it was purchased directly from them. They suggested me to call the SF store to check what their store policy is.
Went to Madison Ave to get Laduree Macaroons, they are simply the best! The store is beside Celine too! Walked to Central Park since it was close too. Had dinner with relatives ate at a Filipino restaurant that is close to the apartment, I was not particularly thrilled with their food. I will not name the place anymore.
Third Day: Headed to the Empire State Bldg. Long lines too! It was $25 for the tickets. There was $50 express ticket too! The view was amazing. We planned on going to the Metropolitan Museum but I was too tired in the end plus we didnt have enough time left since we had to go to see the Broadway Musical Wicked that night, instead we went to SOHO, did some shopping, walked back to the apartment and went to the show. Wicked was amazing,found out that theyve been running the show for almost 12 years. It is definetely a must see. paid around $405 for 2 tickets.We walked around Times Square after the show. People were everywhere and the energy is just so alive. I had so much fun!
Last day: And as I write this we found out our flight is delayed. Oh oh. Im not a big fan of the La Guardia airport runway is short so during our landing I wasnt really comfortable. I get nervous easily.
I cant wait to be back, I hate the walking part though but that is what you do when you are a tourist. Taking the subway is a fun experience too! Thank you NY, it was a short trip but I will definetely be back!

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