Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Healthy skin happy face

I had trouble finding the right products for my face when I got here in the US. My face is overly sensitive even if the product says non comedogenic my face would still sometimes react and get break outs. So far, the only solution was birth control pills. But of course for the outer skin, I wanted to take care of it too. Dermatologists recommend to cleanse, tone and moisturize. My skin does not like too much cleaning I will know for sure that I over did it once I start to break out. I wash my face twice a day,for some reason my skin does not like toning, so I skip that part. I had a misconception that if you have oily skin you should not moisturize, so it was only until now that Im 28 that I started doing so and my skin likes it especially when I apply it at night. Skin feels so fresh the next day. For my make up, it was difficult to find the right shade. Even if I would ask help from the sales associate I would still end up not liking the shade. I grew up not wearing make up so I was really clueless. I started purchasing make up around 3 years ago. (late bloomer) I just think that make up feels like a mask that you put on top of your face. I believe that if you have good skin it is not really neccessary to put foundation. Just blush and máscara and you are good to go. Having foundation can be good though especially if it has SPF. So I make sure mine has. I was really happy when I found the perfect shade of my foundation. It took me years. Primers are helpful to keep the make up last long, so make sure to not forget to use one. No puffery from Origins helped me my eye bags! For annoying cystic acne I just put Acnevir on top of the zit, and just use concealer the next day to hide it somehow if its still bumpy. The topical treatments are helpful but we have to make sure we eat the right stuff too, keep that in mind. (uh huh from such a healthy eater, so much sarcasm)

Wooow this has gotten long. Its just FUN to share products that do actually work.

Disclaimer: People's skin react to products differently so it may or may not work. But you will never know unless you try.

So what is your beauty secret?Please share it with me.

Wash: Origins Checks and Balances
Moisturizer: Origins GinZing Energy Booster
Acne: Acnevir Walgreens
Primer: Body Shop Vitamin C Radiant Skin
Foundation: Chanel Mat Lumiere SPF 15

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