Friday, July 12, 2013

12 days of summer

This is the most exciting highlight of my summer! Finally getting the chance to see New York! It will only be 3 days for NY because for 9 days we will be in Pensylvannia to visit my father in law.
I would like to share how I do my packing. It is always easier for me when its the start of the travel, all clothes are neat and organized. And of course once its time to head home that is where the annoying part starts, for me for some reason my stuff usually dont fit anymore (of couse there will be a shopping spree) so I need all the extra space I could have.
I like my clothes placed in mesh bags same ones I use for laundry. I roll my clothes so that I can maximimize the space in my suitcase. Accessories take very little space so dont forget to bring your blings! For shoes I use plastic bags or shoe bags to keep them away from the clean clothes. I make sure I have a pouch for my chargers so I do not lose track of where I put them. I always bring my mini iron since I hate wrinkled clothes. For my toilettries I make sure that they are placed in ziploc just to make sure that they will be spill proof. For my make up kit, I bring options for blushes and lipstick. Not forgetting my curling iron either to just add volume to my curls. Im bringing two small purses for this trip, just enough to carry my camera, phone and compact powder. One for day time use and one for the evenings. Speaking of evenings, I need my eye mask and blanket too!
If you want to see my vlog about this you can visit my YouTube channel too.

I am effin excited!!! Can't wait to share the experience with you guys!


Emily said...

Can you post photos of your outfits and swatches of your make up products? I like seeing how they are worn :)

Anonymous said...