Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why am I blogging?

I really thought that being a blogger was easy peasy til I started my own. Its just not about writing or reviewing about some product or endorsing something. You mainly expose yourself and let people understand you better. They may or they may not agree to what is written in the blog, some may take it as a helpful article, others may just be checking out of curiosity. As I review my account I am overwhelmed to see that I have readers from all over the world. Thank you to all of you guys. Please let me know if you want any topics in specific that you want me to feature because that will help me a lot to put more content on this, I do not want to bore you guys haha. Kidding aside, thank you for taking time in viewing my blog.

Being away from friends and family is so tough so I needed an outlet.
And that is shopping, I know my limit of course, I set a specific budget each month and  I take pictures of my purchases to just mainly share what kind of clothes or random stuff are available here in the US, I focus more on the affordable ones because a lot of people can relate more versus purchasing the high end label ones which we need to save on and get probably once a year unless we are billionaires, right? But seriously, who does not want designer brands? You will see some designers here but they are mostly on sale, you have to be smart nowadays to keep up with fashion. You just have to learn where to buy them,and what style to get. I have learned to choose which ones I specifically like, does not mean that there is a new trend, you have to have it, trends are guide, it may or it may be your style, but remember its only a guide. You want to look fashion forward and not a fashion victim. Okay moving on to why I blog......

This is also be for my Kababayans, you know how we get curious about what is new here in the US. This is my way of taking you with me  to my journey. I am so happy to see that a lot of foreign brands are available now in the Philippines, but of course never forget to support our local brands too! During my last visit there, my clothing purchases were all from the local brands, I wanted to do my little share in the economy.

I am forgetful, I am really bad at dates and this reminds me of what I did for the week and for me to keep track of my personal progress. This used to be a goal, six months ago, I wanted this so bad but too much was going on of course I had to do one thing at a time. And now that it became a reality, I am more than happy.  There is still so much to learn about blogging, I have a domain name but I really do not know how to fix that part yet so I am taking things slowly. This is all new to me, and learning new things is always good! 

Welcome to my world, please welcome me to yours! 

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