Thursday, June 6, 2013

Orly and Opi all for $35?!?

I posted on my IG a few days ago my 24 shades of summer for my fave nail polishes, to my surprise I found new colors from TJ Maxx. I never expected to find them there so I was very happy when I saw the colors,bought them in a heartbeat! I was skeptical at first thinking that maybe they were old but the quality is very good and not old stock either. The colors are all perfect for the season so that was MAJOR!

Orly Perfect Pair was $6.99
Opi together at last was $7.99
Orly per piece $3.99

Check them out.


Habitat Parisien said...

We love your posts!!!

styledwithpoise said...

Ohhh thanks so much!