Saturday, June 29, 2013

Magazine Subscriptions

I would normally get my magazines from CVS, one issue for each fashion magazine. I spend more or less $30 a month then realized why not subscribe instead. So last month after two attempts I finally got a billing for it with my correct name and got my magazines. I'm waiting for one more. And I'm pretty happy with my decision. In the end I'm only paying $10 a year for each subscription. 

I am particular too about which magazine I get, I mix it the ones that feauture high end products to keep me updated and the ones that feature affordable items that I can splurge on each month. Yes, retail therapy.

Is it just me?But I get a high feeling when I smell the glossy paper! I can't even explain it! I guess it's a girl thing!

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probe97 said...

No I am a guy and I also love the smell and feel of the womens thisk glossy fashion magazines they excite me as I really cuddle into those gorgeous pages.